Monday, 2 December 2013

The Sound of 2013 ~ Fifteen songs

Another year of music is about to end with memories of great concerts and more songs to add to the soundtrack of our lives, some linked to happy times and some to a few tears.

We all have our favourites, I'm sure, and here are fifteen of mine, among the many that filled my player and kept me company while writing in 2013.

The Stone Roses perform in Finsbury Park, London ~ 8th June 2013

15. Secret Colours, BLACKBIRD (ONLY ONE)
Opening track of the American alternative band’s psychedelic album “Peach", it has an amazing instrumental outro.

14. Palma Violets, STEP UP FOR THE COOL CATS
The London based band released their debut album “180” at the start of the year, displaying great energy and echoes of The Clash, The Who and The Libertines.


13. Veronica Falls, MY HEART BEATS
Originally released as a single last year, it was included in the album “Waiting for Something to Happen”, which came out in early 2013, so it makes the list. Fresh and uplifting.

12. Gabrielle Aplin, PANIC CORD
A gentle, lovely ballad about the fear of commitment and a hint of regret for possibly having pulled out of a relationship to soon. Simple, sweet and heartfelt.

11. Avicii, WAKE ME UP
A chart topper, this song dominated the radio waves all summer with its mix of country/folk and dance. Just puts me in a good mood every time.

10. Merchandise, ANXIETY’S DOOR
A Smiths-esque song for a very promising new band.

2013 has been a successful year for Johnny Marr, whom I had the fortune to catch live twice in June. This is my favourite song from his album “The Messanger”.

8. The Arctic Monkeys, No 1 PARTY ANTHEM
The new Arctic Monkeys' album, “AM” wasn’t quite as good as 2011’s “Suck It and See”, in my opinion, but it includes some excellent songs, of which this one is the pinnacle.

Difficult to choose just one song from I Am Kloot's beautiful album “Let It All In”, but this is definitely one of the highlights.

6. Jake Bugg, ME AND YOU
Jake was the sensation of 2012, with his self titled debut album. His follow up, “Shangri La”, is more of a mixed bag, but he still delivers aplenty when playing to his strength, the acoustic ballad.

5. Primal Scream, IT’S ALRIGHT, IT’S OKAY
Despite the departure of bass player Mani, who in 2011 rejoined the reformed Stone Roses, the Scream were back in great form last May, with their new album “More Light”, possibly their best work since XTRMNTR. Plenty of great tracks. This is the poppiest moment, which lifted me up all summer, a great sing along remindful of “Movin’ on Up”.

4. Jagwar Ma, THE MAN I NEED
From the psychedelic/dance Australian duo’s album “Howlin’”, this can only be described as sunshine in a record.

3. Masters in France, FLEXIN
Nothing French about this Welsh band, whose track “Playin’ with My Friends” has been made famous by the quirky IKEA advert. “Playing with My Friends” was released towards the end of 2012, so, though I’m still obsessed with it, it can’t make this list, but “Flexin” came out earlier this year and it’s just as good. Apparently they have been recording their debut album, which, if this is anything to go by, promises to be rather good.

2. The Temples, KEEP IN THE DARK
I’m really looking forward to the debut album from this new British band – scheduled for February 2014 – whose music is drenched in 60s psychedelia with a nod to glam rock (bit of T-Rex going on here). Currently touring with Primal Scream.

1. Arthur Beatrice, CARTER
Palm of Song of the Year 2013 from me goes to this stunning track by British band Arthur Beatrice. Album also scheduled for February 2014 and I’m very much looking forward to it.

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  1. As usual, my dear, you've introduced me to some awesome bands and sounds)))) I love the Temples, but never heard of Palma Violets or Veronica Falls. Thank you!!