Friday, 18 October 2013

Someone's Brother ~ The Ending

Over the last week, some of you have followed my seven part story about one night in the life of a young addict and rent-boy walking the streets of Brighton. I have received some really nice comments and I thank all those that took a moment to leave one, here or on Facebook.

If you made it to the end, keep scrolling below the picture. If you haven't, have missed bits, or need to read it from the start, click here.

          Hailey’s voice echoed in the room as if she were there, sitting next to Vivienne, watching him too.
          “Hailey,” he called her softly.
          “What is it, Ryan?” Vivienne squeezed his hand. 
           He was starting to drift in and out of confused dreams; Hailey, Vivienne, home, children laughing, a summer day, a garden, distant voices…He could almost sense the warmth of the sun on his skin, smell the grass under his feet.
          His heart was slowing down and a strange calm took hold of him.
         “It’s nice.” He sighed.
          He closed his eyes and switched off.

These are the final lines of Someone's Brother...but is this the end?

Has Ryan died or just fallen asleep? Others have asked me that question in the past.
The truth? I couldn't decide! So I wrote two endings. 
What I'm asking is for people to let me know what they think happened: has Ryan passed away or is he just sleeping? Has he joined Hailey or stayed with Vivienne?
You can leave your answers (Hailey if you think he's gone, Vivienne if you think he's still with us) here on the blog or on Facebook.  

On Sunday night I will post the ending based on the majority of answers I received.

But there's more! One lucky reader among all those who left their comment, will be drawn to win a digital copy of Playing on Cotton Clouds!


  1. Vivienne - I didn't think he was dying. Enjoyed the story - moving and powerfully written

  2. I think he's not far from death, but in this case, he fell asleep. So Vivienne.