Monday, 21 May 2012

"Here Comes The Sun"

As I sit and edit my novel, aptly titled “A SUMMER OF LOVE”, the sun seems to be trying that little bit harder today and I’m really hoping summer will finally arrive.

To put me in the mood, I chose ten of my favourite “summer songs” and created a little playlist.

  1. Beatles - Here Comes The Sun
One of George Harrison’s best songs, is guaranteed to chase away any grey cloud weighing on your mind.

  1. Laid Back - Sunshine Reggae
Nothing like reggae to evoke summer and lazy holidays on the beach. Here’s one song that accompanied me in my teenage years, by Danish duo Laid Back.

  1. Bananarama – Cruel Summer
Another staple of my sweet sixteen, a song about spending the summer at home while all your friends have taken off and left you bored and alone. Been there.

  1. Fralippo Lippi – Come Summer
Another Scandinavian act, Norwegian this time. This has a different vibe, a more melancholic, northern type of summer feel. Atmospheric.

  1. Lotus Eaters – The First Picture of You
“The first picture of you, the first picture of summer”… it carries on in the previous track's vibe. One of my favourite 80s songs.

  1. Crowded House – Weather with You
This song has personal memories of a very memorable summer, one that changed my life. It played non-stop in the car cassette player during a holiday romance that turned out to be more than that!

  1. Bebel Gilberto – August Day Song
A little Latin American feel never fails to warm you up, here with some class and sophistication.

  1. Holly Cook – Body Beat
More reggae! A recent discovery of mine: the daughter of Sex Pistol’s drummer Paul Cook, Hollie’s album is a little ray of sunshine.

  1. John Squire – Summertime
Named after the painting by Edward Hopper, a Beatles-esque song about leaving the crap behind and taking life head on. “This season’s mine, oh, yeah, summertime”. 

  1. Beach Boys – Do It Again
When it comes to sun, beach and fun, no one does it like the Beach Boys!

What’s your favourite summer song?


  1. Oddly the song Doot Doot by Freuer always makes me think of hazy summer evenings. It's magical. Some of the members went to form Underworld who did 'Born Slippy' which was a massive club anthem. But Doot Doot was pretty damn special. There's also a song called Summer Spies by a band called Fatal Charm that is just electronic, indie genius!

    I like your 10 choices, cool to see someone else who knows Fralippo Lippi. The Lotus Eaters track reminds me of my teens : )

  2. I remember Doot Doot! Will check Fatal Charm out :)

  3. In the summertime...when the weather is...high... you can reach...
    From way back, Michela.
    (Maybe Mungo Jerry? Can't remember...and I'm not really bothered who, but it does make me want to make better rhyming poetry.)

    1. In the Summertime when the weather is high
      You can reach right up and touch the sky

      It rhymes, it scans, how can you make it better?

      Yes it is Mungo Jerry and it's sold nearly 40 millions copies so far.

  4. I love Mungo Jerry. Reminds me of the 1970 World Cup.

    As for the others, I can go with The Beatles and The Beach Boys, but ther rest... sorry. Never heard of 'em.

  5. Not even Bananarama? Or Bebel Gilberto? She's the daughter of João Gilberto, who made famous "Garota de Ipanema" ("The Girl from Ipanema" with Stan Getz.

  6. for 60s vibe nothing beats Kinks - Lazin on a sunny afternoon. Zoom (80s?) don't know band - always makes me think of summer too, and many many more!

  7. Cool choices. Laid Back? OMG not heard that one since... back then!

    Bananarama definitely, agreed. Kinks, yes.

    Abba's Summer Night City and Gimme Gimme Gimme

    Bonnie Tyler's Lost in France

    Nik Kershaw's Wouldn't it be good?

    Men without Hats' Safety Dance

    Simple Minds' Don't you...

    Flashback of public outdoors pool visits with classmates in early/mid 80s.

  8. Oh, and Gianna Nannini's Latin Lover!


  9. Gianna Nannini! Fotoromanza played all summer back in 1984!

  10. Great post and a very good editing displacement activity for you too :)