Thursday, 26 April 2012

Getting Ready for the Party

Soooo… the big day, is almost upon me. My novel, Playing on Cotton Clouds, will be officially unveiled tomorrow and released to the reading public.

Of course it’s an exciting moment in my writing career, one that I have dreamed of for quite some time, but  me being me, I can't help feeling anxious.

What if people don’t like it? What if no one is interested? What if I organise this big party and no one turns up?

Oh, come on, silly! Of course, they’ll love it! The book will blast off and people will flock to buy and read it. It’s in the stars.

Ah... whatever! 

We’re ready to party.

Seth, Aidan, Livy, Tara, James, Angel, Scott, Nicole, Becky, Penny… they’re all coming and they can’t wait to meet you.

Seth is a little nervous, he’s never very comfortable meeting new people, but Livy will be there and that’s reassuring. That girl is not easily intimidated. Tara, James and Nicole always know how to conduct themselves at big social gatherings, while Angel certainly has a knack for shaking up a party. As for Aidan… he’ll be checking out the ladies, as always.

So, we have the nibbles, we have the bubbly, we have the music, and we’ll all be here.

Feel free to drop buy and make our acquaintance.

We’ll be deligheted to make yours.


  1. You worry too much. When we lauched The Filey Connection I hit a diabetic problem that almost put me in a coma (my own fault) and I disappeared for two hours. But the party still went on.

    I shall be there tomorrow morning, but do remember to take everything I say with a large pinch of epsom salts. Trust me, it'll be great.

  2. Good luck with your novel! I heard about it from my friend Rose McClelland; like you I am passionate about music. I wrote a post on Mogwai that my memory stick chewed up, I was gutted!! I know today is your launch. I've just sent the opener to my Kindle. I lost a load of my own edits for Gunshot Glitter so am running to stand still at the moment, but am genuinely, genuinely excited to see what you've got up your literary sleeve when me and my friend Kindlicious take a pew : ) Yasmin Selena Butt x

  3. Happy Launch! Please pass the cheesy nibbles...

  4. Onion on a stick for me... Hope it's going well...Are you completely hammered yet?

  5. Thank you everyone! It's been an amazing couple of days and there's more to come! The adventure has just begun!